New Univision Mobile Price Plans!

Unlimited International Calling to 40 destinations, including Mexico!


Welcome to the new Univision Mobile!

We’ve got great news for all $30-and-up subscribers: Univision Mobile now brings you unlimited international calling to 40 destinations, including Mexico! What’s more, members on Univision Mobile’s $35 and $45 plans will get more 4G LTE data at no extra cost! Every Univision Mobile plan still includes the same unlimited calling and texting within the US, as well as unlimited texting worldwide. While International Calling Credit and Voice Roaming Credit is being scaled back, we’re making up for it by granting a generous one-time credit for each.

Find your plan on the chart below for full info on everything you’ll get from the new Univision Mobile!


+ Please note that one-time credits will not carry over into the next month.

* Subscribers who have not yet paid their latest bill will be placed on a temporary plan with lower data and fewer international calling allotments. These subscribers must bring their payments up to date in order to gain full functionality on their account.

** Certain categories of purchases are subject to a Regulatory Recovery Fee. These categories include, but are not limited to, plan recharge, wallet loads, upgrade charges, and purchases of additional data or voice. Plan recharges carry a fee of $1. This fee recovers costs for complying with federal, state, municipal, local and/or other governmental franchise, excise, public utility and other telecommunications taxes, fees and charges. The fee is separate from the cost of service and shall not result in additional service time.

Unlimited Calling Includes the Following Destinations:

Argentina Czech Republic (m) Ireland Poland (m)
Austria (m) Denmark (m) Italy Portugal (m)
Belgium (m) Dominican Republic Lithuania (m) Romania
Brazil (m) Estonia Malta Slovak Republic
Bulgaria Finland Mexico (m) Slovenia
Canada (m) France (m) Netherlands Spain (m)
Chile (m) Germany (m) Norway Sweden
China (m) Greece Panama Switzerland
Costa Rica Hungary Paraguay UK
Cyprus Iceland Peru Venezuela


(m) – Includes landline and mobile calls

Customer Notice

Dear Customer:

Your current Univision Mobile service provider is T-Mobile USA, Inc. (“T-Mobile”). UVNV, Inc. (“Ultra”) has signed a definitive agreement to acquire selected customers of T-Mobile’s Univision brand as early as February 1, 2016. At that time, your relationship with T-Mobile will end.

You can expect the same outstanding level of service and customer care as well as additional resources that will be leveraged to ensure that you receive the highest levels of customer support. In addition, when the transition occurs, you should expect comparable service and terms and conditions (except with Ultra in place of T-Mobile). Ultra will be responsible for notifying you of any future changes in plan options or terms, and you, as a prepaid customer, can choose to refill or not refill service when or if you wish. For more details, visit

You will not incur any carrier-change charges as a result of this transaction. Ultra will be responsible for any outstanding inquiries or complaints following the date the transfer becomes effective.

You have a choice of telecommunication service providers and have the right to choose another provider for your services. If you decide to switch to a different provider and you have not done so by the applicable date of transfer, your service will continue with and will be serviced by Ultra.

Ultra welcomes you and appreciates the opportunity to be your telecommunications provider. The Ultra team looks forward to continuing to provide your business with world-class customer service and the most reliable, cutting-edge telecommunication services available today.

If you have any questions, please contact an Ultra customer service representative by dialing 611 from your Univision Mobile phone.